Friday, 18 October 2013

The Month of the Moustache

Reds are ready to revolutionise the world of facial hair for a good cause, with the news that they have been announced as an official Movember Rated barber.

The only salon in the North to have been granted the privilege, the Reds team are thrilled to have been recognised for the quality of their work.  Marshall Hall, Manager of the Reds Male Grooming Salon, is delighted with the award: “Movember Rated Barbers are best-in-class barbershops from around the world dedicated to fine grooming, fine moustaches and to changing the face of men’s health,” explained Marshall.  “We really are excited to be part of this great network of Movember Rated Barbers- growing your Mo is a chance to reinvent yourself as well as your health, and we’re looking forward to helping the gentlemen of Wearside during the month of the moustache.

But why November, and why a moustache? The salon is a proud participant of the ‘Movember’ campaign, an international awareness movement to show support for prostate cancer.

Both Reds in Sunderland City Centre and the Herrington salon are both involved with the campaign, and they’re the ideal environment to kick off the revolution.  Mo Bros, as participants are known, began their gentlemanly journey on 31st October, with the Reds ‘Day of Shaving’: a chance for all Mo Bros to start the month with a clean, close Reds shave.  Furthermore, £5 of the cost of the shave gets donated directly to the charity.

The month of November, then, is a chance for Sunderland men to really reveal their true personality. Whichever moustache is chosen, be it wispy, handlebars, something waxed and grandiose or even the Pencil, it’s time to dust off a moustache comb and wax and rock a facial coat of arms.

This year, the Movember campaign is at its biggest, with organisers hoping to have the large number of registered Mo Bros ever in the quest to change the face of men’s health.

Plus, it’s never too late to join in to support such an important cause.  The salon is running a fantastic promotion to help get your facial hair in training for the big month, by giving a free styling product to everyone who books a shave and a haircut together during the month of October.

Colour Experts are Top of the Class

It’s a celebration of colour at Reds this week, as two stylists have been awarded with a Colour Diploma from L’Oreal Professionnel.

Ashley Brennan and Brooke Taylor, who have been with the salon since they were 15, are thrilled at the news. “It’s great to be recognised with such a prestigious qualifaction after all these years of hard work,” explained Brooke.

With ever-changing demands from customers due to seasons and fashions, the Colour Diploma is an essential course for colourists wanting to know how to technically change someone’s coloured hair to always achieve perfect results.

“We looked in depth at colour techniques to ensure a better understanding of how to create the perfect result every time and approach these services with complete confidence,” added Ashley. “If L’Oreal say we’re expert colourists, I’m sure the women of Wearside will agree!”

Friday, 20 September 2013

Shave, Sir?

Two years ago, men's Hairdresser Marshall Hall introduced  his unique take on the traditional shave to the Sunderland market, leading to a resurgence of interest in male grooming.  As a result, his client numbers are growing constantly. 

During 2013 the traditional shave has been one of the most popular services available at the salon.

“The new mens salon at Herrington has been a resounding success as it provides men with the right type of environment for a haircut or shave, and we are developing new ideas all the time to improve comfort and ensure that men enjoy their salon experience” says Marshall.

Last Chance to Purchase CACI at a Special Price

Its fair to say we’d all like to look a little slimmer, a little younger and feel a little healthier. Our celebrity friends seem to do it with ease- surely they can’t be that perfect? Just what is their secret?.
Nicola Caffery, Head therapist at Reds in East Herrington can shed some light on the subject, and you don’t have to be rich or famous to enjoy.

“CACI facials tone your skin and help many of our celebs to look younger, many of my clients feel a great boost in confidence after a CACI. Its also the perfect time to try CACI as we now have our best ever CACI facial offer available at the salon, - its perfect for clients looking to start a course of CACI or to use as their monthly maintenance CACI”, said Nicola.

A course of 10 CACI courses is reduced to only £298 for a limited period, and the offer ends on September 31st. To book a course of CACI or an initial treatment, please call Reds on 0191 5110288.

Style Guru Inspires our City Centre Salon

Always at the cutting edge of fashion, style guru Alexa Chung’s new look is inspiring the women of Wearside to experiment with colour.

“Alexa’s style is always a good indication of what’s trendy”, suggests Amelia Hall, Manager of Reds City Centre. “Her use of dip dye inspired thousands of women across the country to follow suit, and I certainly expect her latest style to be in high demand.”

The new look, used by L’Oreal to advertise their Autumn/Winter collections, is much more subtle than last year’s severe dip dyed look. “Instead of a clear demarkation between colours, Alexa has chosen a much more subtle graduation of shades”, explains Amelia. “However, because there are a number of shades involved in producing the final look, it loses none of the impact of the dip-dye process. Lowlights are used throughout the hair to add movement and depth, and the finished look is both on-trend and subtle enough to wear to work.”

Alexa herself is thrilled with the look. “The style is matched incredibly well to my natural colour, and it’s only made the appearance of my hair shinier, so that’s a bonus. My stylists used L’Oreal’s INOA colour to make ribbons of colour which makes it look natural- it really is a style which is versatile enough for a modern lifestyle,” said Alexa.

“For those ladies who shy away from wacky, bold hair colours, Alexa’s latest look is classic and subtle enough to put them at ease, and ladies will look as good in the office as they do on a big night out,” continues Amelia. “In my opinion, the key to a good hairstyle is its flexibility, and Alexa’s natural style ideal.”

To discuss how to achieve Alexa’s new look, call Amelia on 0191 510 8126, or pop into Reds City Centre Salon in St. Thomas Street, Sunderland, for a full consultation.

Monday, 1 July 2013

Going to Great Lengths

With Frankie Sandford and Rita Ora both now sporting brand new hair extensions, the ever-popular service shows no sign of dropping out of the celebrity world.  Yet, for those wanting to add length and volume to hair at a salon, many of the current bonding methods can be quite aggressive- bad news for those who favour a subtle, natural look.

However, a brand-new treatment offered by Reds believes Great Lengths hair extensions are the answer.  Unlike many treatments which involve welding, waxing or knotting to the hair, Great Lengths invented a process which was much more kind to the hair.  “The extensions are attached through structures which are actually very similar to human hair,” explained Natasha.  “When these structures are activated, the extensions become securely bonded, and they’re also easy to form and gentle to the follicle.”

Somewhat of an extension expert, Natasha has been fully trained in the revolutionary system, and is impressed with the results.  “Great Lengths extensions have the most natural effect of any system I’ve seen,” said Natasha.  “Great Lengths use fine quality virgin hair cut from Indian womens' heads in religious ceremonies prior to their weddings. So it's real, and therefore looks extremely natural when used to augment hair.”  Furthermore, the similarities don’t end when it comes to appearance:  “The extensions can also be curled or straightened as normal,” explained Natasha. “If you leave it to dry naturally it will have a natural wave and texture to it - just like your own hair.”

As well as adding natural length to hair (Great Lengths Extensions can add up to 60 centimetres to the length of your hair) the extensions work well to enhance thickness.  “If your hair is thinning, perhaps with maturity, or is inherently thin, fine and lank, this is a good way to give it more volume and swing,” adds Natasha.

It has to be said that hair extensions often have a poor image thanks to the treatment's association with the unnatural-looking bleached blonde tresses favoured by Z-listers.  “I think customers will be surprised,” suggested Natasha.  “When they are done well they are a very effective boost for hair. Cameron Diaz and Kate Beckinsale are two fans of Great Lengths, and they’re hardly chav-tastic!”

Friday, 10 May 2013

Lighten Up!

Now that the wet weather seems to have subsided, we're met with bright skies and blustery winds.  No longer forced to cover our hair with a hat or pin back into an all-weather bun, it's time to turn up the heat in the Spring style stakes.

Highlights are one of the most popular Spring treatments, and if you want the most natural-looking highlights possible, it’s important to get colour applied in salon. A professional hairstylist has a much better chance of mimicking how the sun hits your tresses than you do squinting into the mirror, trying to smear a mascara-style brush in the right places.  Although it costs more to have highlights applied professionally, the results are worth it, particularly when a visit includes a full consultation process to define your perfect look.

All salon colourists use basically the same formula for hair highlighting: a mixture of peroxide (which opens the hair cuticle) and persulfates- salts derived from persulfuric acid which strip the colour. Peroxide does damage hair, but it’s very important to visit a good salon to limit the amount of damage- too long a development time by an inexperienced stylist could lead to frazzled follicles!

When it comes to applying the highlights, it’s all about location.   In a treatment such as a half head of highlights, the colourist focuses on the areas where the sun would naturally hit, like the top layers, around the face, and the crown.  And, if you often wear your hair up, tell your colourist- they’ll also place a few streaks on the bottom layers, above the nape of the neck.

Regardless if you're a rich brunette or a dark blonde, using foils is the most efficient way to apply bleach to the hair. Your colourist will brush on a highlighting formula, and then wrap the strands in pieces of foil until they reach the proper shade.  While you're sitting in the chair, the metal is reacting with the chemicals in the bleach to create heat, which helps strip out colour more quickly and deeply- perfect for those who have more pigment to begin with.

After the peroxide has lifted the right amount of colour, a good colourist will apply a toner to remove brassiness and blend the bleached areas. Toner will affect only the colour of the lightened strands, leaving your base colour intact.   However, it’s still important to maintain your colour at home.  Personally, I recommend L'Oreal Professional Serie Expert Silver Shampoo: a great product to prevent those brassy tones from sneaking into the hair.

Equally, it’s important to keep your lightened locks shiny and natural-looking by visiting the salon for a touch-up every 6 weeks or so. And, when wet weather returns and the sun fades away, you can always let your blonde streaks do the same!

Here Comes the Sun

Having endured the coldest Spring since 1962, the team at Reds have spent every available opportunity basking in this week's spring sunshine. However, it’s important to remember the drawbacks of the outdoors on the hair- it needs to be 100% dry to fight the frizz.  Spending time outside creates curl and volume in naturally curly or wavy hair textures and leaving the house with slightly wet hair is going to add to the problem. Yet, everything’s not lost- using a pair of GHDs to smooth the cuticle down even further is a double whammy in the fight against frizz. You can also add dry shampoo to the scalp to help absorb perspiration or humidity before it causes the hair to frizz.

Exposure to the direct sunlight we’ve experienced throughout this week can also cause excessive
dryness, so continue your deep-conditioning regimen from winter, and don’t forget to dab a little extra on the ends.  Personally, I recommend using moisture-enhancing products from wash to styling and, as ever,  make sure you’ve got the right haircut. Whilst you can condition your hair and have the right styling products to seal your style, but without the right cut your hair won't fall in the most flattering way.

As well as an effective shampooing and conditioning routine, combat that dryness with L’Oreal Professionnel’s flagship product- Mythic Oil- a nourishing treatment that it is also one of the most effective styling products on the market.  Infusing the hair with both shine and volume, the silky smooth serum doesn’t weigh the hair down. Instead of lying on top of the hair and making it limp like most treatments, the oil is absorbed quickly and nourishes from the inside out. Therefore, even though the product gives shine, it feels matte, avoiding the greasy feel of many oil-based treatments.
But the talents of Mythic Oil don’t stop there. Formulated to interact with the heat of hair dryers and straighteners, it also protects the hair from heat damage and makes it more pliable for styling- perfect for the textured looks that have featured so heavily in Summer collections.

Even if your hair is in tip-top condition, your follicles require the same treatment as your skin, so be sensible and cover up!  Whether it’s with a headscarf, a hat or one of our popular UV filters, it’s important to prevent those harmful rays from damaging the hair.  Kérastase Soleil Micro Voile Protecteur is one of my favourites.  Formulated with Filtre Photo-Defense, it provides the hair with mineral oils, reducing the effects of humidity and protecting the hair follicle from any damage.

As well as using regular conditioner, I always recommend a specially formulated masque to give you that red carpet finish.  L’Oréal Professionnel’s Lumino Contrast Masque does more than just condition the hair- it enhances the brightness of highlights so that your style shines with brilliance. This deep-acting treatment strengthens and conditions by replenishing the lipids in the hair, making it the ideal antidote to the stresses of the sun.

Susan x

Friday, 26 April 2013

Blondes Have More Fun

Love it or hate it, we can’t escape from the fact that permanent hair dye damages the hair.  Ammonia, a chemical that has been used in colouring treatments for decades, is the main culprit. The smell seems noxious – it burns our noses when inhaled, and our scalps if left on too long.  The process dries out our tresses, too, and makes it more vulnerable to splitting. But those of us who do it regularly just plug our noses and bear it- another small price to pay for highlights or covering grey.

However, beauty editors and my stylists alike seem to sticking to their guns about L’Oreal’s INOA (short for Innovation No Ammonia) ammonia-free hair colour.  It’s been the hot topic of beauty magazines worldwide, and the darling of many a colour technician, but is by no means the first ammonia-free dye to be used in a salon. 

With ammonia-free products having been established for many years, it takes something revolutionary to create a buzz in the world of hair colour.  INOA created just that- it was the first 100% ammonia-free odourless permanent colorant with Oil Delivery System technology and is completely exclusive to L’Oréal salons. It heralded a change in modern hair colouring- from its advanced technology to its sensorial in-salon experience.

Until now, however, blondes haven't been having more fun, as ammonia has been a vital ingredient in achieving great high lift permanent colour results.  Yet, through months of intensive research, L'Oreal have created INOA Ultablond: the first ever high lift blonde ammonia-free hair colour designed to offer women the blonde they’ve been dreaming of.

This breakthrough formulation is called ODS2: an oil base that drives the colourant into the heart of the hair fibre without the need for ammonia and provides greater respect for the hair and greater scalp comfort.

After application, hair is left with a smooth finish, a softer touch and a radiant shine and even more importantly, protected.  With some hair colour, the more it is applied the more damage it can do to your hair if you don’t really look after it, but INOA helps to maintain the hair’s natural levels of essential amino acids and lipids which is, in simple terms, all the natural good stuff in your hair!

With many ammonia dyes, the range of colour is a legitimate difficulty in achieving a natural look and feel, since some colours contain more chemicals and are harder to sustain. Whilst many brands produce ammonia free dyes, they are offered in a severely limited number of colours, simply because they don’t hold to the hair.  Now featuring a portfolio of hues with the ability to lighten up to five levels, darken hair and perfectly cover 100% white hair, INOA offers intense colour results and the most true and predictable shades of any hair colouring. Never has our copper been so radiant, blonde so pure and brunette so rich.

From natural shades through to fashion colours including neutralising cool tones and vibrant, warm hues, INOA is worth trying, whatever your style. It can lighten up to give levels and promises perfect even coverage from root to tip, whether you want a full colour change; to cover your white hair; or to simply update your look. 

Friday, 12 April 2013

Taking it Higher...

We’re through to the final!  After weeks of deliberation, practise runs and artboards filled of different ideas, we’re delighted to have reached first place in the regional finals of the L’Oreal Colour Trophy.  

Pipping a total of 35 other salons to the post, our gorgeous pastel pink look impressed judges with what was described as a ‘modern and inspirational hair colour with a stunning editorially inspired finish’.   

Yet, we’re not the only ones that are celebrating the merits of pastel pink. Much-loved actress Helen Mirren rocked the red carpet by sporting a new pink hair do.  She’s ahead of a trend that predicts pastel shades will be THE big style of the season.

It’s a look that our team were eager to try with Georgia, our salon assistant turned Colour Trophy model.    So, after much discussion, the local girl had her look changed from bubbly blonde to a muted cotton candy pink shade by Greg and the colour team at Reds.

Although Georgia  hadn’t been particularly daring with her hair before, she was quick to describe it as really fresh and modern.

She certainly loves the style, and even though it is only semi-permanent colour, she tells me she’s going to keep my new shade of hair for a while. All of the reds customers think my new hairstyle looks fab and that the shade of pink really suits her – I’ve even encouraged her to keep it like this!

Whilst it’s taken the celebrity world by storm, any significant colour change needs care and attention if you’re going to try it yourself.

Prior to colouring it’s best to shampoo your hair 24 hours beforehand, as this ensures you retain the natural oils which protect and nourish your scalp during the colouring process.

Make sure you choose a shade you’re happy with, don’t be too daring with colour if you’re not prepared to wait it out, especially if it’s permanent dye rather than semi-permanent.

If you’re looking to go the colour of Georgia, your hair may have to be bleached depending on your current shade – a tricky process best left to my colour team.

To prolong the colour, don’t wash your hair too often, minimise your usage of heat-styling appliances, condition it well and protect it from the sun.

If you’re thinking of adding colour to your hair – any colour – I would always recommend you seek the advice of a professional colourist beforehand in order to ensure your hair is kept in the best condition during the procedure
It is also compulsory to conduct a skin test 24 hours prior to colouring your hair, something which we can easily do for you.

I’m sure that once you’ve seen Georgia’s colour, you’ll be wanting to be pretty in pink!

Reds and L'Oréal Team Up for Offer

Reds are offering a free L’Oreal Professionnel shanpoo and conditioner to every client who has a treatment (£15) with their regular service. City Centre salon manager, Amelia Hall said “Our clients are just loving the offer, because they are being prescribed the right hair and conditioner for their hair type, which will mean that their hair will be health, shiny and in great condition between salon visits”.

Reds Nose Day!

Reds hairdressers and therapists supported Comic Relief this Friday by sporting red noses and fancy dress whilst being sponsored by their clients.

“Red nose day is always great fun in the salon, there’s always a laugh and a buzz, and this year we sold noses, deely boppers, and wrist bands, and we managed to raise a great deal of money for a fantastic cause”, said Reds’ Susan Hall 

Hairdressers Offer Style with a Smile

When it comes to happiness at work, it would appear that hairdressers are a cut above the rest. Recent Research reveals that two in five hairdressers rated themselves as “extremely happy” and thriving on the creativity and contact with customers.

The survey, commissioned by the qualifications authority City & Guilds, led to a contentment list based on satisfaction felt in various jobs.

Hairdressers were found to be the most content, followed by the clergy, chefs, beauticians and plumbers. The unhappiest are listed as social workers, architects, civil servants, estate agents, secretaries and lawyers.

Chris Humphries, director general of City & Guilds, said: “Nowadays true job satisfaction and happiness is about fulfiling your full potential, tapping into your own creativity and feeling that you can make a difference.

“More people than ever are swapping their desk-bound jobs for a vocation that enables them to be hands-on, use their brains and be in charge of their own destiny.”

Interviews for the annual survey were carried out with 1,200 people, from 15 jobs the body classified as vocational (including skilled practitioners and craftsworkers) and 15 from jobs classed as professional (or “white collar”).

Workers were asked to rate their satisfaction with various aspects of their job, including pay, stress levels and their ability to be their own boss.

Charna Tyrell, who works as a Stylist at Reds was not surprised by the results. “I’ve been here for 5 years, but it doesn’t feel anything like that long. If you love what you do, the time just goes by. I’ve had great training at Reds, and have had loads of opportunities to go on courses to develop my skills,” the hairdresser said.

Salon owner, Susan Hall, agreed. “I absolutely love what I do,” she said. “The thing about hair is it’s very personal, and its lovely to see our clients leaving the salon in a happy mood because they have been cheered up whilst having their hair done. I would recommend anyone considering a career in hairdressing to give us a call ”

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

A Close Look at GHD'S Latest 'Super Straightener'

After attending the UK launch of ghd’s latest product, the Eclipse, -billed as the ‘super straightener’, Amelia Hall was given a pair of Eclipse to test in the salon. She was asked for her views. ‘When I was first given the  Eclipse, I was a little apprehensive. After all ghd have spent the last ten years making fabulous straighteners, so how could they improve it so significantly?’ said Amelia.

I’ve now used the Eclipse in the salon for the past month, and must say -I’m impressed!. Firstly lets start with the look and feel, they feel luxurious, yet robust, giving the confidence of a quality piece of kit and then there’s the switch on - the irons actually ‘talk’ to you when you first plug them in, making a cool techno noise, but its the technical ability of these straighteners that really set them apart.

The Eclipse has got tri-zone technology which means that it’s got three heat zones within each plate so that the temperature maintains a constant heat, which is great, and this helps to deliver the best and fastest styling results yet on any hair texture. For a hairdresser its these results that these straighteners give that really impresses.

The plates seems to glide over the hair, there’s no tug, and this means that they are great on Afro hair or indeed any type of coarse hair. The best results I have seen are on hair that just loves to frizz normally under damp conditions, which normally takes an age to straighten - with the Eclipse it takes just one pass, AND it lasts ages!

After the initial scepticism, I must say that ghd have got this one right, they do exactly what ghd claim that are supposed to do and for anyone with coarse or difficult to tame hair who wants super smooth, straight hair then I thoroughly recommend them. I know they are expensive, but the difference that  they make is well worth it.

Over the last month the Eclipse has become an essential part of my hairdressing kit, and I’m pleased to say that we’ve now got several pairs in the salon, which means that we can all stop fighting over them!

Monday, 25 March 2013

L'Oréal Superdust

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