Friday, 20 September 2013

Shave, Sir?

Two years ago, men's Hairdresser Marshall Hall introduced  his unique take on the traditional shave to the Sunderland market, leading to a resurgence of interest in male grooming.  As a result, his client numbers are growing constantly. 

During 2013 the traditional shave has been one of the most popular services available at the salon.

“The new mens salon at Herrington has been a resounding success as it provides men with the right type of environment for a haircut or shave, and we are developing new ideas all the time to improve comfort and ensure that men enjoy their salon experience” says Marshall.

Last Chance to Purchase CACI at a Special Price

Its fair to say we’d all like to look a little slimmer, a little younger and feel a little healthier. Our celebrity friends seem to do it with ease- surely they can’t be that perfect? Just what is their secret?.
Nicola Caffery, Head therapist at Reds in East Herrington can shed some light on the subject, and you don’t have to be rich or famous to enjoy.

“CACI facials tone your skin and help many of our celebs to look younger, many of my clients feel a great boost in confidence after a CACI. Its also the perfect time to try CACI as we now have our best ever CACI facial offer available at the salon, - its perfect for clients looking to start a course of CACI or to use as their monthly maintenance CACI”, said Nicola.

A course of 10 CACI courses is reduced to only £298 for a limited period, and the offer ends on September 31st. To book a course of CACI or an initial treatment, please call Reds on 0191 5110288.

Style Guru Inspires our City Centre Salon

Always at the cutting edge of fashion, style guru Alexa Chung’s new look is inspiring the women of Wearside to experiment with colour.

“Alexa’s style is always a good indication of what’s trendy”, suggests Amelia Hall, Manager of Reds City Centre. “Her use of dip dye inspired thousands of women across the country to follow suit, and I certainly expect her latest style to be in high demand.”

The new look, used by L’Oreal to advertise their Autumn/Winter collections, is much more subtle than last year’s severe dip dyed look. “Instead of a clear demarkation between colours, Alexa has chosen a much more subtle graduation of shades”, explains Amelia. “However, because there are a number of shades involved in producing the final look, it loses none of the impact of the dip-dye process. Lowlights are used throughout the hair to add movement and depth, and the finished look is both on-trend and subtle enough to wear to work.”

Alexa herself is thrilled with the look. “The style is matched incredibly well to my natural colour, and it’s only made the appearance of my hair shinier, so that’s a bonus. My stylists used L’Oreal’s INOA colour to make ribbons of colour which makes it look natural- it really is a style which is versatile enough for a modern lifestyle,” said Alexa.

“For those ladies who shy away from wacky, bold hair colours, Alexa’s latest look is classic and subtle enough to put them at ease, and ladies will look as good in the office as they do on a big night out,” continues Amelia. “In my opinion, the key to a good hairstyle is its flexibility, and Alexa’s natural style ideal.”

To discuss how to achieve Alexa’s new look, call Amelia on 0191 510 8126, or pop into Reds City Centre Salon in St. Thomas Street, Sunderland, for a full consultation.