Friday, 18 October 2013

The Month of the Moustache

Reds are ready to revolutionise the world of facial hair for a good cause, with the news that they have been announced as an official Movember Rated barber.

The only salon in the North to have been granted the privilege, the Reds team are thrilled to have been recognised for the quality of their work.  Marshall Hall, Manager of the Reds Male Grooming Salon, is delighted with the award: “Movember Rated Barbers are best-in-class barbershops from around the world dedicated to fine grooming, fine moustaches and to changing the face of men’s health,” explained Marshall.  “We really are excited to be part of this great network of Movember Rated Barbers- growing your Mo is a chance to reinvent yourself as well as your health, and we’re looking forward to helping the gentlemen of Wearside during the month of the moustache.

But why November, and why a moustache? The salon is a proud participant of the ‘Movember’ campaign, an international awareness movement to show support for prostate cancer.

Both Reds in Sunderland City Centre and the Herrington salon are both involved with the campaign, and they’re the ideal environment to kick off the revolution.  Mo Bros, as participants are known, began their gentlemanly journey on 31st October, with the Reds ‘Day of Shaving’: a chance for all Mo Bros to start the month with a clean, close Reds shave.  Furthermore, £5 of the cost of the shave gets donated directly to the charity.

The month of November, then, is a chance for Sunderland men to really reveal their true personality. Whichever moustache is chosen, be it wispy, handlebars, something waxed and grandiose or even the Pencil, it’s time to dust off a moustache comb and wax and rock a facial coat of arms.

This year, the Movember campaign is at its biggest, with organisers hoping to have the large number of registered Mo Bros ever in the quest to change the face of men’s health.

Plus, it’s never too late to join in to support such an important cause.  The salon is running a fantastic promotion to help get your facial hair in training for the big month, by giving a free styling product to everyone who books a shave and a haircut together during the month of October.

Colour Experts are Top of the Class

It’s a celebration of colour at Reds this week, as two stylists have been awarded with a Colour Diploma from L’Oreal Professionnel.

Ashley Brennan and Brooke Taylor, who have been with the salon since they were 15, are thrilled at the news. “It’s great to be recognised with such a prestigious qualifaction after all these years of hard work,” explained Brooke.

With ever-changing demands from customers due to seasons and fashions, the Colour Diploma is an essential course for colourists wanting to know how to technically change someone’s coloured hair to always achieve perfect results.

“We looked in depth at colour techniques to ensure a better understanding of how to create the perfect result every time and approach these services with complete confidence,” added Ashley. “If L’Oreal say we’re expert colourists, I’m sure the women of Wearside will agree!”