Friday, 7 March 2014

Going Red

Fiery red hair is something Hollywood has loved throughout the ages. Julia Roberts, Christina Hendricks, Nicole Kidman, Bette Midler and Diane Keaton have all been redheads, and dazzling and talented actors Lindsay Lohan, Debra Messing, Susan Sarandon and Kirsten Dunst are among those who make us covet the vibrant colour.

But from strawberry blonde to auburn, crimson to copper, there are so many ravishing reds available that it's difficult to know which is right for you. Equally, the maintenance of red hair can cause difficulties.  Even without the presence of chlorine or shampoo detergent, pure spring water can draw artificial colour from strands, and UV rays from the sun can damage the already-vulnerable protein structure of colour-treated tresses. Whereas donning a hat and washing hair less often may suffice in the colder phases of our changeable climate, warmer weather, and the accompanying boost in sunshine, outdoor activities, and pesky scalp oil, calls for an updated hair care routine.

Primarily, if you don’t shampoo, it’s still important to rinse hair with warm water and condition.   Though it won’t give you the squeaky-clean feeling that high-foaming detergents in shampoo provide, conditioner does contain emulsifying surfactants and will replenish dry, colour-treated strands. Try a nourishing conditioner from the K√©rastase Chroma Riche line, which is great for preventing red from fading too fast. And, on the days that you do a wet shampoo, try to cleanse without working up too much of a lather- the less product you can get away with, the better.

Avoiding water altogether is the best colour-saving option on days you forgo a shampoo. Never underestimate the power of an oil-absorbing hair powder- even baby powder can also freshen strands and eliminate hair grease, and I know many a top stylist who swears by this cheap and cheerful solution.

To prolong your colour and make salon touch-ups less frequent, it’s important to invest in a colour-depositing shampoo- L’Oreal Chroma Care is my favourite. While the shampoos in the line not only contain UV filters and moisturising agents, they help to mend split-ends and are packed with pigment enhancers to help counteract fading.  Weekly use is enough with these powerful products, but the results will retain that vibrant colour and rich shine between salon visits.

Hair is composed almost entirely of keratin, a tough, fibrous protein. However, colouring hair can open up the cuticle, causing damage and environmental stressors like water and sun can further deplete hair’s natural protein structure. A post-colour treatment is an effective way to combat damage- a perfect way to bring hair back to its natural state and seal in colour.  Plus, it’ll provide the hair with a deeply glossy finish: perfect for that a-list appearance!

If you’re thinking of going red, be sure to pop into the salon for a full consultation.  It’s a colour which requires careful choice to match your skin colour, so contact our lovely reception team on 0191 511 0288 to find your ideal match.

We're Back!

After a year in Sunderland city centre, Amelia and Co. have returned to Reds headquarters in East Herrington.

"It's great to be back," explains Amelia. "It's such a good environment to work in, and the great facilities here allow us to offer our customers fantastic customer service."

To book an appointment with Amelia or any of our stylists, contact the Reception team on 0191 511 0288.

A Real Lift

It’s fair to say we’d all like to look a little slimmer, a little younger and feel a little healthier. Our celebrity friends seem to do it with ease- surely they can’t be that perfect- so what’s their secret?

For some time now, the world-famous and award winning CACI Facial Toning treatment has been voted the most effective anti-ageing treatment available. CACI has a huge celebrity following including famous faces from show business, music, media and royalty.

Therefore, it’s an exciting month for the Reds team.  The launch of CACI Ultimate treatments at our salon will allow us to offer cutting edge technologies like optical microdermabrasion, LED light therapy and Hydratone, a first for Sunderland and exclusive to Reds.

But how does it all work?  CACI uses micro-current stimulation of the facial tissues which delivers tiny electrical impulses that mirror the body’s own natural processes. In most cases, you can hardly feel it, with just a slight electrical tingling sensation.

At Reds, our CACI treatments start with a discussion about your skin, product use and usual routines.  Then, the skin is treated to a thorough buffing and cleansing with a unique microdermabrasion technique that incorporates silicone carbide coated tips to slough away dead cells.

The next phase, LED Light Therapy, is a cutting-edge treatment which is exclusive to Reds.  Using the latest technology, light therapy can reduce the signs of ageing and targets skin imperfections such as acne, blemishes, scar tissue, wrinkles and stretch marks. The Light Therapy system delivers specific wavelengths of red and blue light both stimulate the growth of new skin cells and deep cleanse the skin with an antibacterial effect. The combination of light therapy and microdermabrasion encourages tissue repair and healing, and is particularly useful for the treatment of acne, scar tissue, stretch marks and skin blemishes.

A first for the North East, we’re proud to offer Hydratone-  a unique treatment which takes just 15 minutes to perform yet provides you with an immediate and intensive skin hydration.  Combining active micro-current rollers with a unique silicon gel mask that has been infused with powerful hydrating properties, Hydratone is designed for people who are short of time but need deep hydration. The moisturising gel mask becomes ‘charged’ so that the whole face is bathed in rejuvenating energy, its dramatic softening action helping to plump out and smooth deep lines and wrinkles.

Although all of this seems complicated, clients always find the experience simple, enjoyable and relaxing.  And, unlike the hocus-pocus of many conventional treatments, CACI is a results-driven method that certainly works – and may help you avoid that scalpel for one more year!