Saturday, 17 January 2015

Men's Hair Trends 2015

It’s that time of year again:  what are the men’s hair trends 2015 going to be? We’ve looked at the latest runways and street style from the world’s most fashionable cities, these are our predictions for the top new hairstyles for men in 2015. Remember guys: trends for men evolve at a pace that you can keep up with. Therefore, the barbering trend of 2014 will continue and new looks will be variations of current styles.

Side Parting

We’ve talked about the side parting before but it will continue to dominate in 2015. To add a side parting is to get the effect of an undercut without shaving, and this hipster, vintage, or preppy hairstyle can be styled matte, shiny, messy, wavy, or up high.

For something different, try parting hair on the opposite side. One may be noticeably better, depending on if you have a ‘good side.’ Hair can be stubborn when it comes to change so use a little extra product while hair is trained to lie flat in a different direction than usual.

Messy, Tousled Styles

In reaction to the every hair in place slick trend, loose, messy styles are growing in popularity. They can be worn with same side parting or undercut you’re already wearing, just let the finished product have some texture and wildness. This works for every hair type and is a good way to add volume to fine or thin hair.

The Mop

Styles are all about reacting to what came before (see skinny jeans after years of baggy ones). The opposite of the slick look is hair worn loose and down in fringe. This isn’t school boy Justin Bieber (for the record, that style has never been recommended by us) but vintage inspired style that can be styled messy for that rocker cool look.  Think Paolo Nutini!

It is a perfect style for curly or wavy hair. For fine hair, try adding some salt spray for hold and texture. This is a hairstyle rather than a specific cut so wear hair down some days, with a side part on others.

Long Hair

While longer hair isn’t for everyone, wearing hair long is becoming more common. The man bun has a lot to do with this, replacing the questionable ponytails of the past. Long hair doesn’t have to be really long, and of course won’t be when you first start growing it out. Often, anything chin length and longer can be cool.  However, be sure to keep going for trims, though you won’t need them as frequently as with short hair. Unkempt hair looks lazy and unintentional compared to groomed and cared for long hair.
When hair is even longer, conditioning is a must. Add it to your shower routine early on while growing hair long to make sure locks are as strong as healthy as can be.

To chat about any of 2015’s most fashionable male styles, pop into the salon, visit our Facebook page or call us on 0191 511 0288.

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Our Top 5 Women's Styles for 2015

As the bitter cold of winter sets in, we thinks it's the perfect time to heat things up with a new look. This season is all about texture, from fuzzy jumpers to new layers in our hair. Here are the top five styles to try out in the new year.

The Edgy Pixie

This season the usually sweet pixie cut gets a makeover with shaved sides, spikes, and tons of texture. This look can be rebellious and feminine at the same time (just like Kristen Stewart) and really accentuate the profile of your cheekbones, neck, and jawline.

My styling tip: Spray a volumising mist (like L’Oreal Professionnel Volume Architect) on your damp hair and then blow dry it in multiple directions using your fingers. Finish by working a light wax throughout your hair and parting it on one side and flipping it over in the opposite direction.

The Ruffled Petite Cut

Say goodbye to those stick straight angled bobs! This season is all about short, defined waves (like Sienna Miller's) that effortlessly frame your face, or peek out from underneath your favourite hat.

My styling tip:  Blow dry your hair in an outward direction with your fingers instead of a brush. Then, use a polishing wax (such as L’Oreal Professionnel Metallic Gloss) to define and separate each tendril and style as you wish.

The Modern Farrah Fawcett

This popular cut takes inspiration from the 1970s beauty icon, but is still completely current. The shoulder-length feathery layers will work with or without a fringe like Taylor Swift’s and complement all face shapes.

My styling tip:  Spray a volumising mist on your roots, then blow-dry your hair forward with your fingers until it is completely dry. Using a round brush, smooth the hair in multiple directions (up, down, left and right), then finish with a light hairspray.

The Blunt Midi Cut

Though texture is trending, this blunt mid-length style is having a major moment, too. It has absolutely no layers, just a straight across cut with a bit of feathering at the ends, and works best on those with an oval face shape.

My styling tip:  Apply straightening balm on wet hair then create a long middle part all the way to the top of the head. Dry it with a paddle brush until the hair is shiny and straight, apply a serum all over and blow dry it again with the same brush until hair it is straight without volume.

Full Graduated Layers

Instead of the been there, done that, mermaid waves that we usually see on the red carpet, starlets like Megan Fox are opting for shorter, more graduated waves that fall just below the collar bone. This looks has natural volume and an effortlessly easy, yet sexy vibe.

My styling tip: Use a volumising spray and frizz control cream and twist your hair into a diffuser until it is dry. Use your fingers to frame tendrils around the face and finish by adding serum on the hair framing your face. Perfect!